House holding

Our regular housekeeping service frees you from a laborious and exhausting task and gives you flexibility in your schedule. While Ménage La Goutte Bleue cares carefully for your home, you could enjoy these precious hours by practicing your favorite activities. And the guarantee of a quality work carried out by professionals of the field and this no matter the size of the household.

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Commercial & work place cleaning

The cleanliness of your workplace, is an important point for the image of your brand.

Ménage La Goutte Bleue is committed to providing you a service that will always leave your image up to scratch. Welcoming its guests in a pleasant, clean space is paramount. We adapt to your schedules and your needs. Restaurant, hotel, office, store, and other.

We are able to treat any type of place and any surfaces with the type of cleaning desired, while being punctual and professional. Your place will be valued more after our passage, due to a serious and sharp service.

Window Cleaning

If you need a complete cleaning of your windows, we have teams trained for this.

We offer an efficient residential and commercial window cleaning solution for your home or business. Clean windows both inside and out highlight daylight, and give you peace of mind.

Carpet cleaning

Our fight against dirt includes cleaning carpets, a quality service that helps reduce dust allergies.

Medical facilities Cleaning

Absolute hygiene in a medical facility is necessary.

We guarantee a perfect cleaning, for a conviviality and a pleasant environment within your establishment, that it is for the patients, visitors or for the staff.

Cabinet, clinic or laboratory adapts to all surfaces, leaving no room for bacteria. Thus your establishment will always remain clean and welcoming.


Once your work is complete, place at the Ménage La Goutte Bleue to make your premises, or home cleaner. We guarantee a fast and efficient work so that you can enjoy your space as quickly as possible. Our teams are used to this situation, and have the necessary equipment and adapted to deal with it.

Why waste your time and energy when Ménage La Goutte Bleue can guarantee you an excellent result in a short time and make you enjoy your new decor!

Large households and spring households.

Cleaning or spring cleaning demands mobilization, time and, above all, a lot of energy, why deprive yourself of freedom when Ménage La Goutte Bleue can do it for you with a professional result. You will see that it will cost you nothing compared to what you will get. You will gain energy, time, and a perfect result led by our dedicated teams and passionate about their craft. Do not think too much about, Ménage La Goutte Bleue is the ideal solution for this.